The contradictions of equality between men and women in the Baha’i Faith

  By: Maryam Aagaah


   The differences between man and woman are self –evident facts.  

The religion of Islam confirms this fact and expresses and determines the duties and rights of each one on a just basis. Criterion of valuation in Islam is only according to purity and righteous. (Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is –he who is-the most righteous of you. Quran: 49:13)

   Equality of men and women is claimed as one of the 12 teachings of the Baha’i Faith; a total and comprehensive equality between man and woman. There are many evidences that Baha’i leaders violated this teaching in their sayings and books.

    In this essay we surveyed this subject in Baha’i faith and also compared it with the Islamic laws.

 Key Words:

Equality between men and women, House of Justice, Membership, Islam, Purity

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