The quarterly Baha’i Shenasi (Research) No. 9 was published


The table of contents of this issue is per following:


-  Editorial: Spring Life

  -Mahdavi conversation


-Participating in 32th. International Tehran's Book Exhibition

- Participating in Quran and Etrat Exhibition

- Confiscation of Nowruz.

  -Message of Universal House of Justice (Beit al adl) of Rezvan's Eid: A declaration of   invasion to the Islamic sanctities of the Iranian people

 -Prayer at dawn

 -Ghods Day

 -Destruction of holy monuments

 -Interview with Dr. Abdulrahim Govahi

 -Baha'ism  in the point of view of Baha'i critics and intellectuals

 -A brief description of Hassan Niko's life

 -Introduction of Surah Yusuf's Commentary (or interpretation) Book

 -Decoding the untimely death of Shoghi Effendi

 -Non-interference in politics from claims to reality

 -Dowry in the Baha'i Faith and equality between Men and Women

 -The Causes of Conscience Continuation of the Law to the Universal House of   Justice


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