Baha’i Faith on the Opinion of Others


If you encounter a Baha’i, you may think with yourself what a gracious and good-tempered person he is. His morality is attractive for you, and because of having the verbal contact or friendly relationship with him your tendency to Baha’i Faith increases.

     But do you ever wonder what the Baha’i Faith actually has to say?! What purposes is it follow? And in one word what is Baha’ism?

Just as a Muslim (Also a Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian) cannot be a perfect exemplar of all teaching in his religion, so a Baha’i himself can certainly be completely unaware of all sources about Baha’i Faith, and only follows this ideology according to his family customs. Therefore, before choosing the Baha’i Faith, it is necessary for you to know well about this sect.

But with one condition in mind! The condition and principle of honesty and truthfulness.

Yes! Just under this condition you can get the correct and complete information of the Baha’i Faith.

In all over the world, many researchers and critics are ready to share this knowledge without any expectation under the stipulation of honesty.

Even a Baha’i should first study and research about Baha’ism. Then, he can declare his faith and if the Baha’i organization confirm his faith, he can get Baha’i ID Card (Tasjil Card). It’s obvious that searching the truth (as one of Baha’i doctrines) fulfills for a Baha’i when he can hear all the voices and lectures and is allowed to study all the books, even the critics’ books!

It’s enough clicking here, and finds the answer of your questions in the following sites. Be sure you can find your favorites in these sites, by searching key words on Baha’i Faith.


     The introduction of these sites and internet blogs does not constitute endorsement or denial of their contents by the Baha’i‘ Research Site and is intended solely for the information of those interested in comprehensive research on the Baha’i Faith.


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