The First Issue of English Baha’i Shenasi

By the grace of God the Almighty, the International Baha’i Research Centre (IBRC) succeed in publishing the first English Language issue of Baha’i Shenasi  (reasaerch) magazine. It is an annex copy of  Quarterly Cultural & Social Periodical on Baha’ism Study and Research .

Table of Contents:

- International Baha’i Research Center

- Mahdavi State

- Baha’i Research Quarterly: An Academic Study of Bahaism

- Interview with Dr. Majid Tafreshi

- Baha’i Global Population, True or False?

- The Increasing Trend of Censor in the Baha’i Community

- Enemies Within: Conflict and Control in the Baha’i World Community

- Book Review: Baha’i 12 principles

In Charge Manager:     Dr.Abdulhossein Fakhari

Chief Editor:                  Dr.Mahdi Habibi

English Editor:              Dr.Abdollah Edrisi

The digital copy of this magazine is also available for the interested persons or libraries.

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