The issue No.10 of the Quarterly Baha’i Shenasi (Baha’i Research) was published

The table of contents of this issue is per following:


-  Editorial: The Sun in 7 narration (Imam Hussein ’s life )

 - On the line of News:

         - Baha’i preacher against nationalism

         - Conference of Iranian Culture

         - 2ooth anniversary of Babs Birthday in Tambach

         - Ghadir and Baha’i sources  

         - Arab American Conference

   - Bahaism from the viewpoint of Mohit Tabatabai( An interview with Dr. M. Pahlavan )

   - The Baha’i Faith the viewpoint of the Baha’i Critics and Intellectuals. (Part 7:      Frederick Glaysher)

    - The process of propagation by Ba’bis in Karbala

    - A criticism on the justification of two Separate Divine manifestation appearances and two Religions in a short interval     

   - Resurrection from the perspective of the Baha'i Faith

   - Abdul Baha and the scientific theory of mirrors

   -- The Babi Concept of Holy War (By Denis Mac Eoin): a translation



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