The issue No.12 of the Baha'i Shenasi (Baha'i Research) was published

  The table of contents of this issue is per following:

  *Editorial: Lady of Infinity

  *On the News line

   - The incident of General Soleimani assassinationand Baha'is Community reaction

    - A Criticism of the Article; «Ghasem Soleimani and Iranian Nationalism»

    - In the Name of Pacificism and to the Point of Militancy; Rereading of Untangling of an assassination 

    - Nonintervention in some Policies

     - Confiscation in own favor of a Court Order: Mahdi Haajati

  *Particular Dossier: Mirza Taghi Khan Amir kabir, On the  occasion of the 20th of Dey, the Anniversary of the Assassination of Amir Kabir

  *A report of the Second Meeting of Amir Kabir Research 

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