Question – are the Bahais allowed to teach in Israel?



are the Bahais allowed to teach in Israel?

First Answer

UHJ ‘s message

According to message of UHJ the Baha’i faith should not be thought in Israel. Even it should not be thought to Israelis who live out of Israel, but intend to return to Israel.

 (From a message written by the order of UHJ on 2.06.1995)

Another Answer

It is said that prohibition of teaching in Israel was ordered by Bahaullah. But there is no formal text in their regard. Moreover, the “Not allowed persons/districts” are not specified.

The Baha’is have no clear definition about the “holy land”. According to their leaders, or they have been silent in this regard that if their term of “holly land” means Haifa and Akka only, or it also includes Telaviv and Jerusalem too? And what is the textual reason for any positive/negative reply?

Altogether the Baha’is should not teach in Israel. They are not allowed to travel to and reside there without the permission of UHJ. It seems that the government of Israel is careless about this work; so the limitations laid and observed by UHJ has become a matter of question. It is clear that UHJ does not let the citizens of Israel to become Baha’i. Any Israeli willing to become a Baha’i should leave Israel.

On the other hand, the Baha’is should get permission from UHJ before their travel to Israel, even if it is a business trip. Even in such cases they are not allowed to visit the holy places in Akka.

If the Baha’is go to Israel, without the previous permission, they will encounter the risk of excommunication; as some Baha’is suffered such a medieval punishment during the time of Shoghi Effendi.

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