Question – What happened in Badasht?



What happened in Badasht?

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In Badasht

In 1844 Báb claimed that he is the gate of Imam Mahdi. Later in 1848 a group of Bábis gathered at a place called Badasht. The major leaders of this group were Mirzá Husayn-Ali Núri, Zarrin Taj and Mirzá `Ali Muhammad Barforush. They concluded that as of now, Islam is outdated and obsolete! Right away the title of Táhirih was given to Zarrin Taj, the title of Baha’u’llah was given to Mirzá Husayn-Ali Núri and the title of Quddus was given to Mirzá `Ali Muhammad Barforush. The announcement, made Mulla Hussain Boshru’i furious, as a result he said:

If I was present at Badasht, I would have punished them with my sword


Following the events of Badasht, Báb declared:

I am the Qa’im that you were promised to his appearance.

Even after this, Báb claimed to be a prophet and revealed a new book named Bayán. Before his death, he took his series of claims to a new level and claimed to be God.

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