The Baha’i Shenasy Quarterly No. 21 was published


The Baha’i Shenasy Quarterly No. 21 was published in the spring of 1401.

The contents of this issue are as follows:

Editorial: The Gem of Faith

On the news line:

1- The mysterious fire of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’S Tomb

2- New ideas about the relationship between Baha’ism and Zionism

3-The opinion of the UHJ about using of the episode; “Exemplar for the entire world

4-The Notes of Ridván message in 2022

5-A look at the Tehran International Book Fair

6-Unveiling of the book “The Baha’i Faith in Mac Eoin’ Researches” in the Tehran International Book Fair


A Theological View of Baha’ism and Its Propaganda (Interview with Prof. Homayoun Hemmati)

A paper of history

The girl of beach and Baha’i Faith

      (A survey of the book “Reading in the Baha’i Documents” compilation of of Dr. ‘Aisha Bint Al-Shati’s)


  1. The Baha’is in Tunisia

2- Legal prohibition of Baha’i propaganda activities in Iran

3- The finality of the religion of Islam and the Mahdism of the twelfth Imam in the book Basair al-Darjat (study of the views of Omid Ghaem Maghami)

4-The Baha’i Faith and the basis of modern development, an analysis of a Study Project and Baha’i Education Project, Part II


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