The Knowledge of Imam Ali & Imam Mahdi ( p.b.u.t )


By A.Talei  



          The holy prophets are the Messengers of God. The Almighty God has bestowed on them two divine weapons: the divine knowledge, and the divine extra- ordinary power, which serve as signs and miracle. The important point in comparing the levels of these two divine blessings, among the divine prophets, is that the last and seal of the prophets (p.b.u.h&h.f) has been endowed with more complete and stronger knowledge and power than what the holy previous prophets were given.

          Another important point is that the Almighty God has bestowed upon the true immediate successor of the holy prophet – Imam Ali, Amir al – Momenin – all the divine blessings that He has given to His Last Prophet – except the Book and Legal revelation- is a more developed manner. If we could understand these points, then it is not far to accept that the positions of the infallible successors of the Last Messenger, are higher and over the previous holy Prophets. In this article, we have discussed the dimensions of this issue with regards to the time of Re-appearance of the holy Imam of the Age (Imam Mahdi)- may we were sacrificed for him.

Keywords: Mahdaviyat / the 12 ͭ ͪImam / the armed Revolt / Explanation and Exegesis of the holy Quran / The knowledge of the infallible Imams / The knowledge of Amir al – Momenin, Imam Ali / Return of the Promised Imam / Solomon, the Prophet. 

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