UK Bahá’ís Remember The Life of Lord Avebury

          The Bahá’í community of the UK has remembered the life of Lord Avebury with prayers and recollections of his service to the advance of human rights.
         Lord Avebury was born Eric Lubbock and came to prominence in British political life when he won the 1962 Orpington by-election. He was ennobled in 1971 and dedicated much of his time in the House of Lords to his duties as Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group.
          In 1999 Lord Avebury became a founder member and officer of the All Party Parliamentary Friends of the Bahá’ís Group. He gave constant and distinguished service to the plight of the Bahá’ís in Iran for the rest of his days, serving as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the group at various times.
         In 2007 the National Spiritual Assembly of the UK felt moved to honour him, and presented the Lady Blomfield Award to Lord Avebury in recognition of his advocacy in support of Bahá’ís. He was seen as much as a friend as a political leader.
          In a letter of condolence to Lady Avebury, the National Spiritual Assembly has prayed for the passage of Lord Avebury’s soul and remembered his family.

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