About Us

Who we are?

International Baha’i Research Centre (IBRC) is an educational and research center, runs by a group of professors, scholars, and researchers from universities and religious institutions, who are interested in learning the facts about Baha’ism, its roots, and its origin of creation.

The website of the Center was established in 2006 which tries to provide the latest studies and comments. It also provided a forum for online discussions through chat rooms.

Scientific Achievements

IBRC has had the opportunity to provide many research papers  and also has held  e-discussions in the cyber space about the important subjects such as “the seal of prophethood”, “the living Imam Mahdi(p.b.u.h) ,”the unity of mankind”, ”Illegitimacy of the Universal House of Justice” ,” the mystery of prohibition of teaching Baha’i Faith and residency of its followers in Israel “ , “ equality of men and women’s rights  in the Baha’i faith “, “the physical resurrection in the Baha’i theology”, “the conflict between the Baha’is excommunication and the Charter of Human Rights”, “homosexuality and the UHJ”, etc. The abstracts of the above discussions are available in our website.

There are also more than 500 articles and research papers in our website, which is one of the most comprehensive collections of the Baha’i researches and reports.

The above-mentioned documents and references may be traced in the following address:


We have established an excellent and continuous relationship with the scientific and religious centers and universities that have common research projects and interests. We have already begun to provide our papers and scientific work in Arabic and French Languages.

Address: Unit 1B, 249-289 Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood, London NW26NX


E- Mail: info(at)bahairesearch(dot)org