An Examination of Suppression and Distortion in 20th Century Baha'i Literature
09 Jan 2020
byVance SalisburyIntroduction While searching for information about the Sufism during the latter part of the 19th century, British orientalist Edward Granville Browne, came upon an account of Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab (Gate), an obscure Persian who was killed in 1850. He was immediately captivated by the stories of dedication displayed by the Bab and his disciples. Browne hoped to visit...
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The issue No.10 of the Quarterly Baha’i Shenasi (Baha’i Research) was published
15 Nov 2019
The table of contents of this issue is per following: -  Editorial: The Sun in 7 narration (Imam Hussein ’s life ) - On the line of News:       ...
The First Issue of English Baha’i Shenasi
11 Oct 2019
By the grace of God the Almighty, the International Baha’i Research Centre (IBRC) succeed in publishing the first English Language issue of Baha’i Shenasi  (reasaerch) magazine. It is an annex...
The 8th Arab American Conference inspires work for peaceful future
29 Sep 2019
Now in its eighth year, the Arab American Conference brings together speakers of the Arabic language to strengthen bonds of friendship, cultural discourse, and celebrate the Arab world’s Bahai...

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