Former-Baha’i – Avarih (A. Ayati), A prominent Baha’i Figure who repented of his Baha’i Faith
18 Jul 2021
  Introduction          Abdul-Hossain Ayati (1871—1953) was a Persian Shia cleric, [1] notable poet, [2] Iranian Orator, [3] “outstanding author” [4] [5] and “prominent historian”.[6] He converted to the  Baha’i Faith at the age of 30 and 18 years later converted back to Islam, and authored a number of books...
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Soli Sorabjee, former attorney general of India dies due to COVID-19 at the age of 91 in Delhi, India
16 May 2021
Born into a Zoroastrian family, he married Zena Sorabjee, a Baha’i. He did not accept Baha'ism for his whole life. The Apex organisation of the Baha'i Faith, the Universal House of Justice was...
Persecution and Expulsion of Persian Baha'is in Baha'i Administration The UHJ against the OBF Baha’is
27 Apr 2021
         Since the advent of different Sects of Baha'is, the Baha'i Administration is trying very hard to purge the Persian Baha'is from Baha'i Administration. The Baha'is,...
The issue No.16 of the Baha'i Shenasi (Baha'i Research) was published
14 Apr 2021
The issue No.16 of the Baha'i Shenasi (Baha'i Research) was publishedThe table of contents of this issue is per following:*Lady of Sincerity: Hadzrat Fatemeh (s.a.)*The voice of justiceOn the News...

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