The Bahai Faith and the Ideal of the Divine Religions


One of the interesting sections in the “Bahai Research” website is its chat room and free dialogs. There have been exciting discussions among a Bahai writer, Faran Dousti, and two of the web-readers, Habibullah and Farid. During those discussions, they wrote about the Bahai teachings, beliefs, instructions and history. Both sides tried to provide their articles and reasoning in a “logical” framework.

       This approach led the Muslim writers to make innovative analyses, which were new in the Bahai studies and researches.

       The collection of those discussions (with some literal editions, without any change or omission) id provided in a separate book. Our aims have been to provide those conversations as a suitable way to behave our Bahai citizens; and secondly by publishing those new and comprehensive discussions, enrich and develop the studies and researches in the Bahai field.

       The book includes 2 chapters, i.e.

  1. The Bahai faith and the Ideal of the Divine religions.
  2. The Bahai faith and its teaching activities.

       The title of the book has been the subject of a critical speech delivered by Dr.Seyyed M.Kazem Ahmadi about the Bahai faith in 2009.

       The relation between that speech and this book is that after the Dr.Ahmadi’s conference, our Bahai writer, Faran Dousti, prepared an article in response to Dr.Ahmadi and published it in the website.

Title: The Bahai Faith and the Ideal of the Divine Religions
Year: 2013
Pages: 334
Author: Reza Haghighat
Published By: Gooy
Location: Tehran

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