The Enemies of Imam Mahdi


Bahá’ís say: “The Promised Savior of the Islamic religion, the Mahdi (peace be upon him), was a person named Mirza Ali Muhammad Shirazi (known as the Bab), who appeared in 1260 AH (1844), and the religion of Islam ended with his appearance. In addition to abrogating the religion of Islam, he brought new commandments for humanity and heralded the emergence of the next prophet, Mirza Hossein Ali Nouri (known as Baha’u’llah).”

Regardless of the fact that the Islamic religion considers the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, to be the last divine prophet and the appearance of a prophet after him is against its teachings, it must be said that in the history of Islam, the only claimant to the position of Mahdism is not the Bab and other individuals have also made such a claim.

How can we find out the veracity of his claim? How do we know that the other claimants were also liars? What is the criterion and what is the evolution? Do the characteristics of Bab match the characteristics of the real promised Mahdi? The book “Mahdi Enemies” first gives a brief description of the characteristics of the Mahdi claimed by the Baha’is and a brief history of his life, and then presents comparative research on this issue to its readers by stating the characteristics of the expected Mahdi in the teachings of Islam. This book will also mention some of the teachings of this claimant of Mahdism and will examine the possibility of the revelation of such teachings from God the Wise.

Title: The Enemies of Imam Mahdi
Year: 2009
Pages: 97
Author: Mahdi Hadian
Published By: Gooy
Location: Tehran
Size of book: pocket
The Enemies of Imam Mahdi

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