The Mohit‘s Gems


This book contains 17 articles written by the late prof. Mohit Tabatabaei (once published in the “Ghouhar” quarterly) about the Bahai history and bibliography.

       Professor Mohit Tabatabaei, on the ground of his deep studies and strong memory and in the light of proofs, historical witnesses, has analyzed the Bahai books, personalities and historical events.

       Some prominent people and representatives of the Bahai and Azali communities (Dr.Davoudi and Mr.Khazan) have had comments, replies or critics to the above articles. We have attached the comments and critics to every article.

       Since the above articles contain many historical references, in order to ease the understanding of the texts, we have added some footnote and references to them.

1-Research on main resource of Baha’i history, biography of the writer.

2-Researches on  Baha’i main historical books and disputes between Baha and Azal (Part 1)

Nabil Zarandi’s new historical book.

3-Disputes between children of Mirza Bozorg Nouri for succession of Bab, and responding to criticism.

4-Mirza Hosein Ali’s children discords to gain the succession of father, responding to criticism.

5-Research on Azali and Baha’i historical books, Mr.Brown’s book, mistakes and responding to criticism.

6-Researches on  Baha’i main historical books and disputes between Baha and Azal (Part 2)

7-Bibliography of Baha’i historical books.

8-Bibliography of Bahaism’s most important book.(Aqdas)

9-Fundamental differences in Aqdas

10-Untold memories of meeting between Mr.Gelveh and Mohammad Ali Bab.(Borhane Gatee)

Tahereh or Tahera, Research on poems attributed to  Tahereh in Baha’i books.

11-Bibliography of the most important Baha’i  book:             Iqan(part one).

12- Bibliography of the most important Baha’i  book: Iqan-differences in versions. (part two).

13- Untold stories of Babis’ partnership in assassination    Naser al-din Shah, the role of Torshizy (Azim) as the successor of Bab.

14-  Azim, after Bab and before  Azal, conspiracy in changing  succession from Azim to Azal and Baha.

Title: The Mohit‘s Gems
Year: 2012
Pages: 373
Author: Mohammad Mahdi Saemi
Published By: Gooy
Location: Tehran

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