It was more than 160 years ago that a Shirazi young man claimed that he was the Bab (Gate) to Imam Mahdi (P.b.u.h).

His name was Mirza Ali Mohammad. Dou to his assertion, he was called by his followers as Bab. A few years later he claimed to be “the Mahdi” of Islam. In a next stage he introduced himself as a divinely inspired prophet, with a book, in order to abrogate the holy Quran and instructions. Surprisingly, after a while, he called himself as the (manifestation of) God.

Due to the violence’s and disorders. Caused by his followers a group of the clergies ,under the supervision of the prince , examined him . As a result of his replies and views , they considered him as insane , and exempted him from any sentence. They just decided to cut any connection between Bab and his followers.

Later, by the order of Amir Kabir, the chancellor, in order to put an end to the civil violence’s and unrests, Bab was tried and executed.

After Bab, one of his followers, Mirza Hossein Ali Nouri, who called himself as Bahaullah (the Glory of God), called himself as new manifestation and messenger of God. He called his religion as “Bahai” faith, and tried to gather people. His elder son, Abdul-Baha,became his successor.

After his ascension, as he had no son, his grandson, Shoghi Effendi, was appointed as the head and Guardian.

According to the will & testament of Abdul-Baha, it was supposed that elder son of Shoghi, generation after generation take the seat of the head of the Bahai community and undeposeable chairman of the universal House of Justice.

But Shoghi Effendi was barren. After his sudden demise, the Bahais established the institution of universal House of Justice to be residing in Israel, and govern the international Bahai community.


The book “Establishment” will introduce the Bahai leaders and their teachings. Then will discuss different divisions and groups founded among the Bahai community to the readers.

Title: Establishment
Year: 2007
Pages: 49
Author: Amir Mahdi Amini
Published By: Gooy
Location: Tehran

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