Twelve Principles


The Baha’is believe that Bahā’u’llāh stablished new laws in the Baha’i Faith. The doctrines of Baha’is are including twelves principles.

This book is an investigation on the Baha’i teachings. In the chapters, first, the definition of each teaching is introduced based on the Baha’is’ writings. Then, the challenges which a Baha’is maybe interfaces are answered. Finally, the principle is evaluated by rational and logical perspective due to respect that all people believe in truthfulness.

In order to better benefit from this study, three basic approaches have been utilized:

  • Staying away from prejudice helps you to determining truth from falsehood.
  • Using original Baha’i sources make you possible to see the reality of Baha’i Faith.
  • Keeping the uniformity of the course of the research in all chapters. It make you a listed analysis.

This Book’s perspective in analyzing Baha’i principles based on three fundamental axis which are including:

  1. The novelty of these principles is investigated
  2. The act of the Baha’i leaders upon these principles is discussed
  3. The evaluation of rational and logical perspective of the Baha’is principle

The book including 12 chapters and each one represents one Baha’i principle:

CHAPTER 1: The Independent Investigation of Truth, Unfettered by Superstition or Tradition

CHAPTER 2: The Oneness of Humanity

CHAPTER 3: Religion Must be the Source of Unity and Fellowship in the World

CHAPTER 4: Religion Must Be in Conformity with Science and Reason

CHAPTER 5: The Removal of All Prejudice

CHAPTER 6: The Equalization of the Means of Livelihood for All Humanity

CHAPTER 7: Establishment of a Universal House of Justice and Supreme Tribunal

CHAPTER 8: Universal Compulsory Education

CHAPTER 9: A Universal Auxiliary Language

CHAPTER 10: The Equality of Men and Women

CHAPTER 11: Establishment of Universal Peace

CHAPTER 12: The World of Humanity is in the Need of the Breath of the Holy Spirit

Title: Twelve principles
Year: 2014
Author: Masoud Basiti, Hossein Akhoondali, Zahra Moradi
Published By: Bahar Afshan
Translated By: Hossein Akhoondali, Ali Mansouri
Location: Tehran
Twelve Principles: A Comprehensive Investigation on the Baha’i Teachings

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