Has Shoghi Effendi been Died or he was Murdered?


            Shoghi Effendi did not accept to make any changes to the contents of the 10 years plan, nor to change the members of the International Bahá’í Council, or to change its appointed chairman (Mason Remey); and had referred in his tablet no 101 to the statement of Abdul-Baha, indicating, “To the people of righteous –I.e. the Bahá’ís– the continent of America is the center of the lights of spiritual insight and the country of the appearance of secrets, the source of the virtuous people, and the place of gathering of the free  people. Therefore, John Ferraby, Hasan Afnan Balyouzi, and Ruhiyya Maxwell, who was suffering from the infertility complex, and at the same time was very angry with the appointment of an old man (Mason Remey) as the president of the embryonic International Bahá’í Council, and H.E. Shoghi Effendi did not accept their pressures to change him, was poisoned. On Sunday, Oct 27th of 1957, the effects of the poison appeared, and his joints of fingers became painful.

      Ruhiyya khanum asked Shoghi if he had other pain?

           He replied, No! Just feel pain is my fingers that are contracted. Then added, I am very tired; very tired.

           That night, the Guardian had fever. The next day his fever went up to 39C. While the members of the NSA of UK and other agencies of the UK, two Hands of the Cause and their ABMs, the prominent physicians and high qualified hospital and enough money were available over there, Ruhiyya khanom just contacted an unknown medicine doctor, who without visiting the patient wrote a prescription!

          The physician, in the evening, after his work is hospital, went to meet Shoghi Effendi. After examination he informed that both Shoghi Rabbani and Ruhiyya were suffering from the critical Asian flu. Nevertheless, they did not convene any medical council, nor acknowledged the case to the World Center. They also did not inform the NSA of UK, and did not ask any consultation from the Bahá’í specialized physicians in London.

           On coming Tuesday Ruhiyya khanum was so good that the doctor let her to go out for an important case! (Though the important case was never known!) Since, after, flu, he was affected by pneumonia, so the doctor, after visiting him, would have given an explanatory report about his medical condition to Ruhiyya khanom.

           Shoghi Effendi according to his initial program was interested to leave London for Haifa, but the doctor opposed him seriously. Ruhiyya khanum, who was the liaison officer between the Guardian and the Bahá’í International Council, did not informed the Council about the situation and the changes. Again, John Ferraby, who was both a Hand of the cause and the secretary of the NSA of UK, and Hasan Balyouzi (afnan) who was a Hand and a member of the NSA, did not acknowledge the national Baha’i organization, and the Baha’i medical council. On Saturday morning, the 2nd of November, as the beloved Guardian found himself in a restricted situation, hopelessly requested Ruhiyya khanom to give him the 10 years plan, so that he may complete it before his death!

           Ruhiyya khanum decided to prevent him, but he said, “No, I should complete it! Because it has occupied my thoughts, and I should finish it today. I received 1-2 more names by post, that should be added to the program, and complete it!” During the completion of the program he said, “It seems that this case is killing me. How can I complete it?”

          On that day, after finishing his work, the beloved Guardian looked very tired. For lunch he ate only one spoon food; and at dinner, he could not take anything. The manner of his talking on that evening indicated his severe depression. He was very sad and depressed. His talking was so emotional that even those who participated is those wicked deeds, became anxious and heart broken.

          In the evening the doctor came and visited Shoghi Effendi. He informed that the Guardian would be able to leave for Haifa on Tuesday. The next day was Sunday, and the doctor was off. So he said that it will be unnecessary to come and visit the Guardian. By hearing this Ruhiyya khanum became upset and shameful because of her cooperation is those sinful deeds, against her husband, the beloved Guardian of the Cause.

          In the morning of Sunday, the 3rd of November, she went to the door and saw him asleep on his left side, while his eyes were open, as if he was looking at the entering people. His left hand was on his right shoulder, while his right hand was on his left hand. His eyes were open, and his stomach and intestine were bursted.

          Ruhiyya khanum informed the doctor, and after getting assurance that he was ascended, she contacted the Hands of the Cause, Hasan Balyouzi, and then John Ferraby, secretary of the NSA of UK (who were her cooperators in that case) and informed his ascension. John Ferraby asked her to be calm and patient until he would arrive!

          After their arrival, they released the doctor. They first consulted. Then they sutured the intestine of Shoghi Effendi. Thereafter they closed the door of his room. A telegram, with the signature of Ruhiyya khanum, was prepared, and sent to Haifa, on Monday:

           “The Guardian of the Cause is seriously affected by the Asian flu. Tell to Lroy (Iuas) to inform all the national assemblies, and the Friends to pray and request for the protection of the Cause! Ruhiyya.”

          Then the Hand of the Cause, Ugo Giagry, was contacted by telephone, in Rome. He entered London at 20 p.m. the same day. They decided to declare the death of Shoghi Effendi via Radio. Ruhiyya khanum was asked to neglect her previous telegram, and by sending a new telegram, acknowledges the ascension as below:

            “Shoghi Effendi, the beloved of the hearts of the Bahá’ís, and the sacred deposit of Abdul-Baha, was ascended as a result of his affection to the Asian flu, and heart attack while fallen asleep. Repeat to the Friends to be firm and patient, and follow the institution of the Hands of the Cause, which was developed under his auspices, and has recently been consolidated by him. Only the unity of the hearts and the unity of the aim may witness the steadfastness of all the national assemblies and the Friends towards the Guardian, who sacrificed his all life for the service of the Cause of God. Ruhiyya.”

Notes and Memories by Yadullah Thabit Rasikh (Ex-Bahá’í teacher)

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