Publication of Baha’i Quarterly No. 20


The Baha’i Studies Quarterly No. 20 (Winter 1400) was published. The contents of this issue are as follows:

  •  Mahdavi century
  •  On the news line:

        – Sound of Pride

        – BBC obstinacy in expert procurement

        – Aggressive propaganda in the message of December 30,2021 of UHJ

       – 9 year program and Iran

        – The Great No of Tunisia to the Baha’i organization

        – Take a look at the video of Rozaneh (gleam)

        – The seal of silence on Mansour Farhang’s mouth

  •  History sheet:

       – Ayatollah Sheikh Ahmad Shahroudi, a symbol of scholarly interaction with the Baha’is

       – Sheikhian narration of Haj Mohammad Karim Khan Kermani’s propaganda by Bab

  • Baha’i organizations and critics:

       – Edward Brown and Critique of Baha’i Historiography

       – A Critique of Azalian on the Introduction to the Book of the Point of Al-Kaf

        – Abdu’l-Baha’S secret activities against his critics

  • Research:

       – History of Taqiyya (Dissimulation) in Baha’i language by Kamran Eghbali Baha’i’

       –  Controversies in the Book of Mofavezaat (Some answered questions) (Part II): Abdu’l-Bahaا’s Interpretation of John’s Revelation

     – An analysis of the Baha’i Scholarship and Studies Project

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