Quarterly No. 28 of The Baha’i Shenasi (Research) Was Published in the Winter Of 2024


In this quarterly we read:


The Great Occultation Test

2-On the news line:

– Under the pretext of publishing the Aqdas Book

– Heartfelt messages

– Interview with Mr. Asghar Heydari: Baha’i in Azerbaijan

3-Baha’i Organization and Critics:

– Baha’ism from the point of view of Baha’i intellectuals and critics: part 15, Ahmad Sohrab


– A letter from Alphonce Nikla to Abbas Effendi about the translation of Bayan book

– A review of Niko’s philosophy book – Introduction of Yahya Naji’s book, part two

– Baha’is at the American University of Beirut and Middle Class Formation in the Middle East in the early 20th century

– The leader of the Baha’is from the sister’s point of view

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