The Baha’i Shenasi (Research) Quarterly No. 27 Was Published in the Fall Of 2023


Baha’i Journal of Baha’i Research (Baha’i Shenasi) was published in the Fall of 2023

We read in this issue:


Discussion of the signs of appearance of Imam Mahdi and resurrection

2-On the news line:

– Unveiling of the criticizing book about Abdu’l-Bahà (Ein, Ein)

– Meet in Tabriz

– When the cost of the guest becomes the cost of his host

– Silence and betrayal, two pillars of belief to destroy

– Blessing of us from converting Copper to Gold

– Interview with Dr. Taghipour: The role of Baha’is in the occupation of Palestine

3-Baha’i Organization and Critics:

– Professor Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai: the source of science and understanding


– Introducing Yahya Naji Life Book

– Asso Media, Repeat Liberal Social Thinking Experience in Iran or Ignoring Baha’i Functions

– Mirza Yahya Nouri: Azel or Sobhe Azal

– Sysan, the largest Baha’i village in the west of Iran


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