“Bahá’í Cup of Tea” for Uzbekistan Children


           Ollowing 15 -day jail terms handed down to two Bahá’ís in Tashkent, one of the two, Timur Chekparbayev, who was subsequently expelled from Uzbekistan. The authorities accused the two of missionary activity and proselytism, following a police raid on a meeting for teenage Children.
Chekparbayev stated that these were not conversion meetings with young children and Jr. Youth but it was just to drink a cup of tea together. In response. Akram Nematov of the Justice Ministry told Forum 18 that “They can drink tea –that’s not forbidden, but they must inform the Department when they hold religious education with young people.”
It is clear that Mr. Chekparbaev arrived in Uzbekistan with the aim of propagating Bahá’í Faith in the country, drawing on the support of generous donations from sponsors. By the way, the headquarters of the Bahá’ís operate in the open in Israel. Certain elements from that country find it very useful to use the Bahá’í community to shatter the unity of the Muslim ranks, since the Jews see Islam as the main opponent of Judaism. It is also interesting that in the dawn of Bahá’ísm, Russia offered asylum to one of the leaders of this persecuted religion. And in Ashkhabad [Turkmenistan], one of the Bahá’í communities was built. Timur Chekparbayev carried out missionary and proselytizing activity without having the consent of the Uzbekistani authorities and the consent of the parents, it was in clear violation of the Uzbekistani law, and the rules governing stays in the country.
On the 24th of July of this year, Mr. Chekparbaev was arrested and sent to the court for holding yet another “meeting” in house 36 on Bayikurganska Street in the Khamzin region of Tashkent. The regional court gave him a rather lenient sentence: 15 days in prison followed by an expulsion from the country without a right to return.
Chekparbaev couldn’t carry out his proselytizing activity because Bahá’í isn’t recognized as a religion by the world community. Therefore, this ideological sabotage had very clear goals that are connected to increasing the geo-political influence of Israel, and sowing confusion in the minds of millions of Uzbekistani citizens. It seems that such a decisive step taken by Mr. Akram Nematov will defiantly stop this sort of deceptive proselytizes activity aimed at destroying the unity and moral fabrics of Uzbekistan. It will also serve as a warning to all those who wish to test their luck based on the questionable field of false prophets.
The decision taken by Uzbekistani authorities should be an eye opener for the CIS Countries to counter the moral damage inflicted on the fragile souls on young people (by the way, Mr. Chekparbaev’s so-called flock included minors!).A constant vigil at this deceptive and Zionist created false and fabricated religion is the need of the time.
This is Zionism attempt of transferring the work of false prophet Baha’u’llah from their country to Muslim countries and take vital information of CIS and Middle East countries.

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