Cooperation of Baha’i Faith with the Jews



The Baha’i Faith, which was created in the secret workshops of racist Zionist thought, works in close cooperation with its maker like two blades of one scissor, to the point that the idea of ​​forming a Zionist government for organizational struggle against the heavenly teachings of Islam became the subject of joint work for the leaders of the Baha’i Faith and Zionism.

This article examines the history of the formation of the apartheid State of Israel and the generous contributions – intellectual, propaganda, etc. – of key Baha’i leaders (Mirza Hussein Ali Baha, Abbas ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, and Shoghi Effendi) and shows how these Baha’i leaders interpreted the scriptures accepted by Jews and Christians and they claimed that the purpose of some of the gospels contained therein was the emergence of the Baha’i Faith.

Also, in this article there is the position of the Baha’i leaders in support of the Jews and the ideological agreement with the formation of the government in Palestine (at a time when the Zionist leaders are endeavoring to expel the Palestinians and move Jews from all over the world there) so that Shoghi Effendi says in confirmation of Lord Balfour’s statement:

“The Lord Balfour’s promise for the children of Abraham and his heirs who called upon God and believed in Him was accomplished with the appreciations to the State of Israel, and this was followed by the establishment of deep-rooted relations in the Holy Land between the State of Israel and the International Center for the Baha’i.”



The Baha’i Faith and global Judaism joined forces in a malicious and cunning way to eliminate Islam, work together to distort its features, and cast doubt on its origins and its laws, and spreading the seeds of atheism and misguidance among its people until their confidence in their religion weakens, weakness seeps into their souls, and their resolve weakens.

Thus, what they intended and planned for (since the early nineteenth century) establishing a national homeland for Jews in Palestine and Bahá’u’lláh and his followers achieved what they hoped for and sought for the religious leadership (firstly), then to what the Batini – the ancestors of the Baha’i Faith – attempted and invigorated by abrogating Islam, distorting its teachings, atheizing Muslims and spiritual authorities, and deviating them far from the features of the true religion (secondly).


Baha’i leaders strengthens predictions of Jews

For this reason, the Jews tried with all their cunning and sly to support Baha’s call and worked to prove its authenticity until they reached the point – as proven by Goldziher (Chapter of Chapters) – that they extracted from the burials of the Old Testament and the predictions of its books what foretells the appearance of Bahá’u’lláh and Abbas (his son), and they claimed that every verse that strengthens the glory of Yehowah, it means the appearance of the Savior of the world in the person of Bahá’u’lláh, as they attributed a large part of the signs and hints in the travels to Mount Carmel (Baca, the resting place of Baha), from which the light of God was revealed and illuminated the universe, at the end of the nineteenth century AD.

Moreover, they did not forget to extract from the visions contained in the Book of Daniel that foretell the emergence of the movement created by the Bab and to seek through their interpretation, what indicates the time of its occurrence.


Incorporation of the Jews and the Baha’is

Large groups of Jews entered the Baha’i Faith in a strange way, as in Tehran 150 Jews, in Hamadan 100, in Kashan 50, and in Golpaygan 85, and some rabbis rushed to join their statuses, where Rabbi Elihu and Rabbi Lazar, who were from Hamadan, hastened to announce their entry into this strange slander and this invitation.

It is strange and the entry of the Jews in this rapid and massive manner into a non-Jewish camp is something that is contrary to what is usual for the Jews, as they do not often leave their religion – for another religion – because they put themselves in the place of God’s chosen people, and loom at everyone else as their follower and employee. Their entry in this suspicious manner raises doubts in the soul about those satanic roles that they have practiced and mastered, and they have taken on the roles that are ruining the countries and destroying the people, but in the name of others. No one can bear their burden nor bear their sin.

Mirza Abd al-Husayn Avareh, the great historian of the Baha’i Faith, about this secret incorporation of Jewish says (1):

And as soon as the call of Amr (Bha’ism) rose, a great group of Jews from Muzainah Hamadan arrived and embraced the Baha’i Faith, and hardships, horrors, and injustices befell them that would be too long to explain, but a long time did not pass over until they received the era of their advancement and began to be pointed to width the fingers of all Iranians.”

(The Baha’i Faith and its Babi Roots, on the authority of Al-Khavari. The treasure of Limits and Rulings, p. 4).


Who is superior?

No one denies the superiority of the Jews over the Baha’is in that they saved it from destruction when they transformed it from armed confrontation with the ruling authorities to work behind closed doors in secret, and they succeeded in this new phase, as they spread their call among many people especially those who looked at them with pity and were ashamed of the injustice being done to them. Bahá’u’lláh rewarded them and began openly calling for a Zionist gathering on the land of Palestine.

He says in Aqdas Book (Which he claimed was a revelation sent down from heaven):

This is a day on which the Al-Kalim will win with the lights of the Ancient One, and will drink the freshness of the connection from this cup in which the seas simmered. Say: By God (the Truth), The stage is roaming around the beginning of the appearance, and the spirit is calling to those in the kingdom, Come and hurry up, you sons of deception. This is a day in which God’s generosity hastened to meet Him, and Zion shouted: The promise has been fulfilled and what is written in the tablets of the Highest, the Mighty, and the Beloved God has appeared.”

Bahá’u’lláh has been so complementary to the Jews that the United Nations Fact-Finding Commission wrote in its report:

 “The relationship of the Baha’is with the Jews in Palestine is greater than the relationship of Muslims with Palestine and that the Baha’is support the formation of a Zionist state.


The statement of Baha’i leaders about supporting the Jews and Israel

  • Bahá’u’lláh

He also complimented them on the issue of usury in order to make it easier for them in their banking and commercial activities, when they brought to him a Jew asking him about the issue of usury, so he permitted it for them by saying:

 “In favor of the servants, we have established usury as all other common transactions among the people and it became a profit to make a good and pure solution, and the Highest Pen (His pen in His divine capacity for the Baha’is) stopped in defining it. Wisdom from Him and His sufficiency for His servants.”

(The servants of Bahá’u’lláh).

  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

As ‘Abdu’l-Bahá knew the superiority of Zion over his father and their support for him, he says in his negotiations published by Clifford Barney in Paris in 1908 when the Zionist movement was paving the way for the seizure of Palestine:

Good tidings were mentioned in Old Testament that the Jews would gather in the Holy Land and the Jewish nation that had been dispersed in the east, west, south and north would be glorified and concentrated here. These tidings were not fulfilled except in the age of Blessed Beauty (Bahá’u’lláh), and see from now on that the Jewish sects are coming from the end points of the earth and all parts of the world. Those who migrated to this holy land will be the owner of lands and villages and live in them, and they gradually increase until Palestine becomes their homeland”.

He said in defense of the Jews:

The Muslims and Christians considered the Jews to be devils, enemies of God, and they cursed them, harmed them, killed many of them, and destroyed or plundered their homes, and captured their children.”

And he mentioned in one of his books:

O beloved of God and sons of the Kingdom of God, the new heaven has come, the new earth has come, and the holy city, the new Jerusalem, has descended from heaven from God in the form of a beautiful nymph, exquisite in beauty, unique among goddesses. The pilgrims were seated in tents, prepared for arrival, and the angels of the highest assembly called out in a loud voice, a great and resonant sound in the ears of the people of earth and heaven, saying: This is the city of God and His dwelling place for the pure and holy souls of His servants, and He will dwell with them, for they are His people and He is their God. He has wiped away their tears and lit their candles and rejoiced their hearts and opened their breasts. For death has cut off its roots, and sadness and grief, gage and the missile have disappeared and He sanctified the King of Power on the bed of the Kingdom and renewed every unprecedented work. This is telling the truth, and who is more truthful than the recent vision of Saint John: This is Alif and Yaa, this is the one who quenches the thirst from the fountain of life, and this is the one who treats the sick with the cure for salvation. He who supplies the abundance of this kingdom is one of the greatest heirs of the messengers and saints, for the Lord is his God and he is the Son of Glory. Yes, so be of good tidings, O beloved of God and His people, and O sons of God and His party, and raise your voices with joy and praise for the good Lord. The lights were brightened and the testimonials have appeared and that the seas were buried and ejaculated with every thorny.”

It is worth noting that this successor of Bahá’u’lláh who gave guidance had died in the year 1921, that is, twenty-seven years before the establishment of the State of Israel.

  • Shoghi Effendi

Shoghi Effendi (the second successor to Bahá’u’lláh) says:

The promise of Lord Balfour to the children of Abraham and his heirs who called upon God and believed in Him was fulfilled thanks to the State of Israel, and this was followed by the establishment of deep-rooted relations in the Holy Land between the State of Israel and the World Center for Baha’is.”

Shoghi Effendi also stated to America News magazine in 1951, saying:

His Holiness Al-Baha (Bahá’u’lláh) wrote more than fifty years ago that Palestine must be a national home for the Jews.”

Shoghi Effendi’s wife says:

Our future and that of Israel are like links of chains connected to each other.”

  • The Baha’i missionary

Mírzá Abu’l-Faḍl-i-Gulpáygání writes -as the head of the preachers of the Baha’i Faith, the first of which is mentioned in the Book of Deuteronomy of the Torah is what indicates the descent of Jesus at the end of time, with what distracts and forces it with the coming of Al-Baha’ and his contribution in gathering the scattering of the Children of Israel and settling them in the Holy Lands-. Here is the text of what is proven in the book “The Pikes” is related to the position of this suspicious man, and his support for Zion in establishing their homeland in Palestine.

The following is stated in page 128 of this book: (The Second Gospel): It was said in the Book of Deuteronomy, verse 2:33:

The Lord came from Sinai, and shone for them from Seir, and made Mount Paran shine, and came from the countless mountains of Jerusalem.”

So, these words indicate the prophecy of Moses, the prophecy of Jesus, and the prophecy of Muhammad and the descent of Jesus at the end of time. Sinai is the mountain on which Moses was prophesied, and Seir is the one on which Jesus was prophesied, and Mount Paran is one of the mountains of Mecca, and between it and Mecca there is a day’s journey, and the sparkling of light It is a reference to Muhammad’s prediction and sending of the message on his part. And Jerusalem is the place where Jesus will descend at the end of time, as per the law of Muhammad.

And here is what Abu al-Fadl, the Baha’i preacher, said in his interpretation of this verse on page 128 and the one that follows it of his book “Al-Durar al-Bahiyya.” He said after mentioning the verse:

 “This verse clearly indicates that before the Judgement Day and in front of the Day of Resurrection, God must appear before his creatures four times, and appear Four appearances (such and such) until the path of the Children of Israel is completed and their affair is completed to the Lord, the Majestic (means by the Lord the Majestic, his Lord Baha’, just as he means by the quest and resurrection, the hour of Baha’s appearance and carrying out the call). So, he will gather their dispersed people from the farthest parts of the world, protect them from the harm of all the servants, settle them in the Holy Lands, and restore to them their ancient inheritances. So, in accordance with this noble verse, our Master Moses appeared first, and God appeared to them with his appearance from Mount Si. Na, then our Master Jesus appeared a second time. So, he appeared to them with his appearance from Mount Seir, then a third time our Lord the Messenger appeared to them with his appearance from Mount Paran, so the cycles turned and the day and night continued until the Chosen Lord (Baha’) appeared.”

(The Baha’i Faith and its Babi Roots, on the authority of Al-Khavari. The treasure of Limits and Rulings, p. 4).



According to all that was said above, there you can find these sentences in the statement of the scholars of “Jabha’-al- Olama’ fi Al-Azhar A-Sharif”:

And The Baha’is fawned over the Jews, flattered them against the Arabs and Muslims, and gave them the good news that Palestine would be their national homeland. Their tyrant, Abd al-Baha, (Abbas) said that he wanted to unite Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and unite them on the laws of Moses, in which they all believed. This meant that he wanted to convert Muslims and Christians to Judaism, and to make Judaism the religion. prevailing on earth, and thus authority in the whole world belongs to the Jews alone [Al-Aqdas].”

Professor Mohsen Abdul Hamid says about the position of the Baha’is regarding what was done to the Jews in 1948:

The Baha’is were very happy when the international Baha’is achieved what they wanted in the year 1948: injustice and aggression, and they considered the day of the founding of Israel a sign of truthfulness for the claims of their tyrant Mirza Hussein-Ali Baha’.”

I wish I would know if injustice could provide evidence of anyone’s truthfulness?! Does the reprehensible attack indicate the prophecy of a person?! And do the massacres committed by the criminal Jews in Deir Yassin and elsewhere honor the appearance of Mirza Hossein-Ali? or do they reflect his crime in this conspiracy and his collaboration with world Zionism? And his direct service to the goals of the colonizers?



1-Translated from Persian


1-Adel Abdel Moneim Abu Al Abbas – Abdel Qader Al Sebaei – Atef Abdel Ghani – Ihsan Ali Dhaheer – Mustafa Omran -Tariq Serry

2 – Baha’ism in the Mizan – List of the Center for Computer Research and Innovation – Isfahan – pp. 53-55

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