The Baha’i morality classes and deceptive conversion



The Baha’is method for involved the families are a threat to the religious identity and rights of children and families of other faiths. It is observed that the Baha’is use morality classes as a way of befriending and influencing children, and gradually introducing them to their false prophets and teachings. It exactly warns that this method is a violation of the Geneva Convention on the Rights of the Child, and that parents and guardians should be vigilant and protect their children from the Baha’is propaganda. The process of the morality classes always are ended to recruitment of Baha’i organization.



We have no objection to the religious practices of Baha’is. They have the right to believe in any prophet and God they want. However, we also have the right to protect our children from their influence and deceptive transformations. No law, religion or moral system in the world allows changing a child’s religion.

Children are innocent and they only understand the language of love. 

They are unaware of hidden intentions, just as they would not be aware of poison mixed with sugar. Therefore, according to the 1990 Geneva Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is illegal to preach the children of other faiths.

However, this is a fundamental pillar and weapon of Bahá’í practice, a method of increasing their members of the organization;  transforming today’s children into tomorrow’s Baha’i families, without being noticed or without being able to ask question about Baha’ism!

It is important for a family to know the answers of these questions:

1-Why are children of a family in danger of Baha’ism?

2-How can the identity of a family be damaged by the actions of the Baha’is propaganda?

3-How is the method of propaganda and attracting children in the Baha’i Faith?

4-Who benefits from this process of attraction and propaganda?

5- Why do they try and plan to convert Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh children into the Baha’is without paying attention to what religion they have?

It is important that all of these events happen gradually and imperceptibly. Now get the answer how!


Morality Classes as a method of family burning

First, the Baha’is make friendly connections with their neighbors in the name of meeting them through prayer, partying, or some other form of socializing.

After establishing cordial relationships, they invite their children to so-called “Children’s Morality Classes.” For these classes, a young Baha’i girl or boy is chosen as the tuiter. It would be better if it was preferably an attractive teenager;  otherwise, older individuals conduct these sessions. The age group of these children is approximately 7 to 12 years.

The Baha’is have an entire course designed to teach such children.  Activities such as singing, painting, storytelling and games attract children and their parents under the guise of moral uplift.

Once a week, these children gather for these “morality classes” and enjoy the activities with their attractive tuiters. There is no concept of modesty among the Baha’is; They adopt the values of the society they live in, so they do not appear dangerous.

Daughters will shake hands with you, mingle, make connections, and be mentors for your children. They will listen to them, give them advice, and they will become an indispensable part of their lives to the extent that the children will listen to them more than their own parents.

In fact, they are laying the groundwork for Morality Classes and management by using a method of family burning and tomb burning. Without arousing the sensitivity of parents or children consciously accepting responsibility for their behavior.


Indoctrinating the Baha’i belief to children

At this stage, these children do not become a Baha’i. There is minimal mention of Baha’i leaders in the written texts of children’s classes at this stage.  In order to avoid legal problems, they use indirect educating such as:


At this stage they only verbally praise and idealize their leaders.

2-Telling emotional story

By telling fabricated stories about those prophets over and over again, they instill love for them in children’s hearts.

These classes last three to four years. By repeatedly hearing the stories of these false prophets, children gradually develop a sympathy for them.


The dangers of deceptive conversion

They usually do not discuss things at home. Only the stories of these false prophets such as “Bab” and “Bahá’u’lláh” are mentioned in front of them and they are not explicitly told to believe them.

If parents got a clue, they would pull their kids out of these classes under any excuse. However, not all parents are this careful. They think that their children are busy somewhere and learning some moral values.  Such parents often do not spare time for their children…

Children are like the person who spares time. They may show some improvements because all the drama is done in the name of morality, but how much they suck besides that is beyond parents’ wildest dreams.



The Baha’is use a subtle and deceptive strategy to convert children of other faiths to their religion. They exploit the innocence and curiosity of children by offering them attractive and fun activities in the name of morality classes. They gradually indoctrinate them with the teachings and stories of their false prophets, without the consent or knowledge of their parents. They undermine the identity and values of the families and communities they target, and seek to expand their numbers and influence. This is a violation of the rights of the child and the freedom of religion. Parents and guardians should be aware of this danger and protect their children from the Baha’is propaganda.


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