Let us Review some Bahai Rules about Gender Equality

      1. No women are included in the 9-member Universal House of Justice (UHJ) with the sole exception of the widow of Shoghi Effendi.

      * Why only this lady is included? Is she not a normal woman!

      2. The shroud to be given by the eldest male child. Women are disallowed.

      3. Dower to be given to women only.

      4. Polygamy is acceptable but polyandry is banned.

      5. If a man wishes to travel he should inform his wife of the time duration, which if exceeds nine months the lady has right to remarry. Then if the husband does not specify the time of his journey    the wife should wait for him all her life.

      6. Maintenance of women is obligatory on the man.

      7. Only women should attend to the household chores.

      8. No Hajj for women. Nor are they expected to keep the fasts lapsed during the days of menstruation. Why?

        * Tahera Qazvini sanctified her life for Bahaullah but her grave is not included in the Hajj.

        * Why was her body not brought to Akka like others?

      9. The house and the clothes of a deceased are the sole property of the eldest male child and nothing is there for women.

        Is this not inequality?

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