The analysis of Dr. Bint al-Shati about the formation of Israel State



Dr. Bint al-Shati was born in 1913 CE in Egypt. After completing her university studies, she conducted various research works on Islamic and social topics. She also taught at universities in Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia. She has more than 60 books on topics such as the miracle of the Quran, interpretation, the life of the Prophet of Islam (as), social issues, Hadrat Zainab (as) the hero of Karbala, and so on.

Due to her close acquaintance with the activities of the Baha’is in Egypt, she wrote the book: “Reading in the Documents of Baha’ism” after conducting detailed research and published it in 1986 CE in Egypt. In this book, the relationship between Baha’ism and global Zionism is clarified.

The Baha’i Shenasi (Research ) Quarterly, which is a specialized journal on this topic, has published parts of that book in an article for its knowledgeable readers. Here we recount some small parts of that article.


Dr. Bint al-Shati’s View on the Baha’i Faith

Dr. Bint al-Shati says:

After studying the documents of the Baha’i Faith, I realized that they are a non-Muslim sect, they do not consider Islam as the last Divine religion, they have their own invented prayers and fasting, and … and the most importantly, they are supported by the Zionists. In that book, I gave a brief history of the Babism and Baha’ism and brought some of their beliefs about the Quran, Islamic laws, resurrection, etc. and showed that none of them are compatible with Islam.”


The Most Holy Book and the Preparation of the Zionist State

She was a close witness to the occupation of Palestine and the formation of the Zionist state in those lands. Bahá’u’lláh, by writing the book “The Most Holy Book” (Aqdas) in Acre, played the role of Baha’ism in implementing the plans of the Zionists for the formation of that state.

The paragraphes: “prohibition of jihad and prohibition of carrying weapons”, “lack of patriotic prejudice”, in the book “The Most Holy Book” are evidence of this claim. Bahá’u’lláh even forbade freedom of thought and expression so that no one would object to his words.


The Role of Abbas Effendi in Strengthening the Power of the Baha’is

After Bahá’u’lláh, his son Abbas had a great role in Baha’ism. He was a strange person. Dr. Al-Shati studied his life and brought some of its aspects in her book. Here we briefly state some of them:

1-He quarreled with his brother over the succession of his father!

2-He participated in the congregational prayers of the Muslims and was even the leader of the Acre mosque! Two days before his death, he recited the Friday prayer in the Haifa mosque! These are signs of his hypocrisy.

3-He spoke to the Jews about the nearness of the fulfillment of the divine promise and engaged in many activities against the Ottoman government and the establishment of the British state in the years from 1904 to 1907. So much so that Jamal Pasha (the commander of the Ottoman navy) ordered his arrest and execution, but General Allenby (the English commander) saved him from death. For this reason, he made special prayers for the stability of the English government! In gratitude for his services, the English government gave him the title “Sir” in 1920. After his death, condolences were also expressed to the Baha’is by the English government.


Shoghi Effendi and the Formation of Israel State in Haifa

After him, Shoghi Effendi also gave the same tidings of the establishment of the Zionist state and based on this, Israel recognized the marriage of the Baha’is and exempted their income from taxes.

The Zionists and the Baha’is have repeatedly shown their friendship to each other over the years and this matter continued after Shoghi Effendi through “Ruhiyyih Maxwell” (Shoghi Effendi’s wife). She wrote:

“The new land is the best place for our Baha’i growth and our future and Israel are linked together.”



Dr. Bent al-Shati expresses concern about Baha’i-Israeli articles being published among Muslims and believes that Baha’ism has resorted to public propaganda by interpreting the Quran in its favor. She writes in a recommendation to her fellow Muslims: “Now, considering these materials and their hidden propaganda activities in Islamic countries, I advise all Muslims to be careful of their deception and trickery and monitor their plans. I wish you success.

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