Why didn’t Shoghi Effendi Repudiate this RACIST Article in the Bahá’í World?


           Dr. August Forel, a Swiss scientist and member of the Monist League (an association of scientific racists in Europe), wrote an article for “Star of the West” magazine in 1928, and it was also published in “Bahá’í World” magazine. In this article Forel writes:
Moreover, one makes a pretext that there are differences in races; but if one accept those races, altogether inferior, with a lighter cerebrum (according to Wedda about eight hundred or eight hundred and fifty grams instead of one thousand) it is a fundamental error. All Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Hindus, Semites, Americans, and so forth, are equal as races. It is necessary, therefore, to seek for other real causes for the hatreds and the wars than the differences of languages and of race.” (“The World Vision of a Savant” Bahá’í World III, 1928-1930, p. 284)
If you read that paragraph closely, Forel is saying that the European, East Indian, Semtic, and “American” (he no doubt means white American) races are “equal” but other races “altogether inferior” (because of brain size) he omits–such as the African and Australian and Melanesian races.

  • What are the chances that Shoghi Effendi did not read or was not aware of this article?
  • Why did not Shoghi Effendi immediately write an article repudiating this?

  Forel goes on to write:
But while some declare Him [God] personal, we Monists look upon Him as representing the Force (metaphysical) of the Universe, unknowledge to human beings.” (ibid.)
Forel still considered himself a Monist, even while being a Bahá’í. Do you know what the Monists taught?
They taught that Negroes were closer to the ape than all other races and “inferior” to the “advanced races”. Forel was a member and leader of the “Monist League”.
Shoghi Effendi had the opportunity to REFUTE the article by Forel, and politely correct his errors. He did not. He let the article stand!
Were the Monists right? Does brain capacity have anything to do with intelligence? Thousands of scientific papers said they did. Not “one” scientific paper says it does not. Scientists are forbidden even to bring up the subject today for study. If they do, they will be fired or face other sanctions.

  Questions for Bahá’ís:
1) Where in the Holy Texts or letters of Shoghi Effendi does it say that the races are equal in intelligence?
2) Why did not Shoghi Effendi repudiate or refute this article by Forel which was read by all Bahá’ís in the English speaking world?
3) Why would the “Star of the West” and “Bahá’í World” publish a RACIST article?
4) Could it be that Forel and the Monists were correct that brain capacity is tied to intelligence (if not, the chimp has the same intelligence as humans)?

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