The Baha’i Shenasi Quarterly No. 22 was published


The Baha’i Shenasi Quarterly No. 22 was published in the summer of 1401

The contents of this issue are as follows:

On the news line:

1-Legalism in practice, the solution of the problems of Baha’is in Iran

2-The evasion of conversation

3-Media blackmail

4-Change of nature and silence

5-With particular reporter

A paper of history:

The twelfth Imam of the Shiites in an earlier treatise from the Sunnis

The Baha’i Organization and Critics-Part 12: Brendan  Cook


1-Study of the distortion in the Baha’i books

2-The Oneness of humanity in the scale of criticism

3-Baha’is in Pakistan

4-Book introduction: Impartial history

5-Mufavezat ( Some answered questions) in the scale of criticism-The third part

6-The introduction of Edward Browne to the book:  life and doctrines of Abbas Effendi



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