The Horizons of Prophethood




          Besides Monotheism and Justice, the Prophet-hood has been one of the most important theological issues, during the years, especially in comparative and inter – religions courses. The recognition of the true claimants of Prophet-hood from the liars, depends on a correct and rational understanding of the “Message”.

          In this article, which is a part of the book, “Essential Beliefs: A New look at the Principal Thoughts” by the author, he has developed the meanings and scopes of each of the 5 principal pillars of Islam, i.e. Monotheism, Justice, Prophet- hood, Imamate (Divine Infallible Leadership), and Resurrection, under 10 titles. He has tried to explain the issues related to Prophet- hood under 10 titles as below: Necessity of the Guide; the sign of Truth; the history and the Prophets; the heritage of the Prophets; the characteristics of the Prophets; the Divine Teacher; the Seal and Termination of prophecy; the eternal Miracle; the Ethics and Behavior, the Succession.

          Every one of the above 10 titles can be extended; however, following the simplicity has been the motive of the author.


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