The Quarterly Baha’i Shenasi (Research) No. 9 was published


The table of contents of this issue is per following:

  *Editorial: Spring Life

  *Mahdavi conversation


  -Participating in 32th. International Tehran’s Book Exhibition

  -Participating in Quran and Etrat Exhibition

  -Confiscation of Nowruz.

  Message of Universal House of Justice (Beit al adl) of Rezvan’s Eid: A declaration of invasion to the Islamic sanctities of the Iranian people

 Prayer at dawn

 Ghods Day

 Destruction of holy monuments

 Interview with Dr. Abdulrahim Govahi

 Baha’ism in the point of view of Baha’i critics and intellectuals

 A brief description of Hassan Niko’s life

 Introduction of Surah Yusuf’s Commentary (or interpretation) Book

 Decoding the untimely death of Shoghi Effendi

 Non-interference in politics from claims to reality

 Dowry in the Baha’i Faith and equality between Men and Women

 The Causes of Conscience Continuation of the Law to the Universal House of Justice


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