The Babi Uprising in Zanjan
18 Mar 2019
by John WalbridgeBahairesearch introducton of the following paper There are enough indications and texts in the contemporary historical sources, scriptures, and works, in Iran, compiled by the formal historians, and even the Babi and Baha›i historical - both published and unpublished – works, describing  and confirming different armed terrorist activities of  the Babis, in the...
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The quarterly Baha’i Shenasi (Research) No. 9 was published
28 Aug 2019
 The table of contents of this issue is per following: -  Editorial: Spring Life   -Mahdavi conversation  -News-Participating in 32th. International Tehran's Book Exhibition...
The joint 7th. and 8th.Edition of Baha’i Shenasi Quarterly Periodical was released
03 Jun 2019
The abstracts of contents are per following:-  Appreciating Sazandegi Newspaper that printed the news of publishing "BahaiShenasi" Periodical with the title of "A critical approach to Bahai Sect...
Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.): The Awaited Hope for Humanity
25 Apr 2019
The belief in the savior is not only an essential doctrine deep-rooted in Islamic faith; it is rather an embodiment of human nature regardless of one's religious affiliations. For it is the universal...
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