The historical coalition between The Hands of the Cause & The Covenant- Breakers
28 Jun 2018
Dear Friends,          Baha’u’llah has made it compulsory upon every believer Baha’i to prepare and keep a will and testament (the most Holy Book, para 255) during his life time. He himself followed the same procedure, wrote a will and appointed a heir, so that his family and followers would not encounter any difficulty after him.   ...
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Indonesia delivers a big set-back to Baha’is
11 Nov 2017
     Baha’is have deceived Indonesian government times and again. During the last ten years The Ministry of Religious Affairs, over and again informed the Baha’is not to teach people...
THE UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE To all National Spiritual Assemblies
11 Nov 2017
Beloved Friends, Conscious of the heavy burden of work resting upon members of the Universal House of Justice, Mr. Gustavo Correa and Dr. Firaydoun Javaheri have, after prayerful consideration...
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