Why did Denis MacEoin leave the Baha'i Faith?
08 Sep 2018
Denis M. MacEoin (born 1949, Belfast, Northern Ireland) has been editor of Middle East Quarterly since June 2009. A former lecturer in Islamic studies, his academic specializations are Shia, Shaykhism, Bábism, and the Bahá'í Faith, on all of which he has written extensively. MacEoin is also a novelist, writing under the pen names Daniel Easterman and Jonathan Aycliffe. He and his wife live in...
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Professor Ehsan Yarshater Passed Away
04 Sep 2018
Professor Ehsan Yarshater (b. 3 April 1920 in Hamadan, Iran and died 1 September 2018 in California, USA ), the founder and editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Iranica, passed away. Yarshater...
Man Convicted of National Security Crimes in Iran for proselytizing the Bahai Faith
19 Aug 2018
The Appeal Court in Iran’s Kurdistan Province upheld a one-year prison sentence against Zabihollah Raoufi, who was accused of proselytizing the Baha’i faith.       ...
Co-operation of the Bahais with the Enemies of Iran
28 Jul 2018
Randolph Dobbs, Board of DirectorsRandolph Dobbs was born in Oakland, California, and raised in Salinas near Monterey, where he attended Hartnell College. He studied political science at King's...

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